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The “Raise-Your-Hand” feature, or Live Chat tutoring, is an exciting and unique way for our families and staff to communicate throughout the school day. Some may recognize this feature as “instant messaging”. However, it is so much more than that. When a student logs on to a classroom, they will see an icon of a hand along the right side of the page, with the words “Raise Your Hand”. Clicking on the hand, they will be shown a box wherein they can write a message to their Academic Counselor, who is their teacher. The Academic Counselor will respond and the student may ask their questions. This feature is strictly for communication between students, their parents, and Academic Counselors in an effort to answer questions quickly and efficiently. This allows the student to move forward with their schoolwork, without the downtime associated with waiting for an answer to an e-mail. Students are free to ask as many questions as needed, as often as necessary. As you can imagine, this is an extremely popular feature! Therefore, we request that students be prepared to ask their question and absorb the answer in a non-distracting environment, as the Academic Counselors receive many, many requests every hour. They are not able to wait for the student while the student attends to a personal matter. The Academic Counselor will end the communication if this occurs, and the student may log on again when they are free to focus on the discussion at hand.
Additionally, the use of slang, internet language or internet writing is not acceptable when communicating with teachers on Live Chat.