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If You are Enrolling More Than One Student from the Same Family

If you enroll two or more students from your immediate family, you’re eligible for The MorningStar Academy Sibling Discount of 5% reduction on the tuition.

We LOVE big families!!

The More Children You Enroll, The Bigger the Savings!

First Child: Regular Tuition

Second Child: 10% Discount

Third Child: 20% Discount

Fourth Child: 40% Discount

Fifth Child: 60% Discount

Sixth Child: 80% Discount

Seventh Child: FREE

To qualify for the Sibling Discount, all of the children must reside full time in the same household with the same parent(s) or guardian.

We also have Special Tuition for Homeschooling Groups such as Church based groups, coops, state associations, support groups, etc.

Call us today to see if you qualify and take advantage of these incredible savings!


Online HomeSchooling Sibling Discount Qualifications:

  • If 2 or more siblings have the same address and telephone number, and enroll in The MorningStar Academy, you will get receive a reduction in tuition for each subsequent enrollment after the second student enrolls.
  • You must be a new family enrolling for the 2018-19 School Year. (Or current learning year if different)
  • Discounts will not be applied to subsequent enrollments if the family drops below two enrolled students due to withdrawing a student.
  • The reduction will not be applied retroactively.


  1. Please call us at 1-484-383-3900 to receive your discount. The discount is not currently available if you enroll online, so please contact us is you are eligible.
  2. We will confirm eligibility prior to enrollment.
  3. The MorningStar Academy Sibling Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.
  4. This discount is on tuition only; Registration, shipping, materials, and all other fees are not discounted.