The 8 Reasons that make Online Homeschooling the Future of Learning

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The 8 Reasons that make Online Homeschooling the Future of Learning

The 8 Reasons that make Online

Homeschooling the Future of Learning


Online Homeschooling Is The Future Of Learning

About a hundred years ago, the learning curve was formulated by Hermann

Ebbinghaus. It describes the relationship between memory and time. After a

lecture, it is estimated that one’s absorption rate is at 100 percent on day one,

with a 50-80 percent loss of content learned from the second day onward, which

is further reduced to a retention rate of just 2-3 percent at the end of thirty days.

The relevance of this theory in the current world is unquestionable as attention

spans have come down and learning has been dismally reduced to 140

characters! But with technological advances the situation can be overcome and

learning process made even better with the use of the internet which has a wide

range of learning tools, inclusive of online homeschooling. The Christian

homeschooling curriculum can facilitate the whole process as it guarantees

efficiency as it is result oriented.

The reasons why online homeschooling is a better learning tool

Here are the eight reasons why online homeschooling is poised as the future of


1. It accelerates Learning

Learning by doing has long replaced repetitive learning due to the high rates of

retention offered by the former. The Christian homeschooling curriculum relies

heavily on the use of criticalness, problem resolution and decision making to

deliver a training module. This has been proven without a doubt to accelerate


2. There is provision of a Safe Learning Environment

Simulations in online homeschooling make use of real life situations that depict

a wide range of challenges. A participant will thus be better placed in future

encounters with these challenges after completion of the course. It is better for

mistakes to happen during the course of learning, and with the help of

simulations the process is akin to taking kids to a playground, getting them to

have fun, try new things and learn, in a protective controlled habitat.

3. The Gap Between Theory and Practice is bridged.

As the process is more than just learning by doing, the trainee is privileged to

get a first-hand experience of practicing what has been taught.  This is key in

the retention of concepts and ideas during the learning process.

4. Produces Demonstrable Mindset Changes

Only a few learning methods have been shown to have a significant impact on

a participant’s mindset and online homeschooling is one of them. A

management guru, Henry Mintzberg, pointed out long ago that leadership is

more or less like swimming and it cannot be learned by only reading about it.

You need to actually swim to better your skills.

5. It increases one’s Engagement Levels

With a high reliance on collaboration the homeschooler will find the whole

learning process increases the level of engagement. On the other hand, as the

participant is immediately involved in the problem solving activity or event, the

level of ownership of the outcome is high which translates to a better

understanding of the concept.

6. There is Exceptional Return on Investment (R O I)

Online homeschooling is personal and effective in nature and has an effect on

both feelings and emotions. It also enhances both knowledge and skills with

an edge over classroom learning as it guarantees a high level of retention,

which ends up delivering exceptional RoI compared to the traditional learning


7. It Provides Accurate Assessment Results

The assessment of the effectiveness of a training program in terms of the

benefits to the trainees and the company is quite a crucial element of any

learning program. Most traditional assessments rely on data and the use of

tests to measure effectiveness.  With simulations and other technology online

homeschooling products become a power plant of data, which can be used to

hand over judgment results in a more accurate way on cognitive factors, skills

affect and non subjective results.

8. It Enables Personalized Learning

To facilitate personalized learning, every program needs to make room for all

the phases that will see the achievement of this; from the appraisal, teaching

and learning strategy, and curriculum. Online homeschooling using the

Christian homeschool curriculum is highly effective in meeting these

requirements to enable personalized learning. This marks a radical departure

from the traditional learning methods and it takes learning beyond the

classroom. The participants enjoy the benefit of setting their own learning pace

which is convenient and encouraging to them. By combining technology and

simulations with online homeschooling, companies are availing this anytime

and anywhere, across multiple devices.  This has seen the introduction of the

concept of a flipped classroom, where the education benefits the students and

not the other way.

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