The terms “teacher” and “Academic Counselor” are used interchangeably at our academies. Academic Counselors are highly familiar with the various courses and are the best equipped to deal with the questions and concerns of the students. Many of our teachers have certification and degrees for the areas they are instructing. They all share a love of education and are excited to be a part of online learning

Academic Counselors are responsible for accessing and handling student and parent communications about their classes and grading all free responses. They offer support to a student who is struggling, but students are not permitted to ask Academic Counselors to check answers to assignments or proofread a writing assignment before they submit it.Additionally, Academic Counselors provide Class Announcements on topics of interest to their students. Our academies employ a progressive method of team teaching, enabling the student to receive the very best in team coverage for all questions and problems they may have in their classes. If a student wishes to speak to an Academic Counselor, they may contact him or her through the Message Center or the Live Operator System.