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Update and homeschooling-unschooling

I went to the doc and am headed back again, I will let you know if it is a hernia. A new idea proposed as to why I may have hemorrhaged ,I want to research further and implement precautions for my next pregnancy. So far the schooling that Lavender does is working well,let me know [...]

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Homeschooling Curriculum & Update | lemusingsofmoi

It's definitely time for a Homeschool Update. A lot of things have changed, and this year will be an adjustment for all of us, but I'm excited about it all! Here's what we're up to, the curriculum I'm using, and my thoughts and opinions regarding the whole homeschooling education approach! xo For links to all [...]

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Life Update + The Simplicity of Unschooling

Firstly, sorry for how shaky it is. I wanted to be outside, but there wasn't a convenient place to put the camera, so I just ended up holding it! This is just a quick video sharing a few thoughts and letting you know I'm still alive. Also, when listing local projects, I can't believe I [...]

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