Steve Jobs Slams Teachers Unions

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Steve Jobs Slams Teachers Unions

By Mimi Rothschild

CEO of Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs took an opportunity to take a swing at the real problem facing K-12 schools. No, it’s not lagging technology or lack of funds; it’s the simple fact that teachers unions encourage mediocrity.

“What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?” he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.

This is an important statement for a few different reasons. Steve Jobs has an unassailable reputation. He has been an innovator for decades, especially in the education world. Apple has provided Macs to thousands of schools across the country. For him to take such a bold stance against teachers unions should be a huge deal.

When you provide school administrators with the ability to retain good teachers and get rid of bad ones, the quality of teaching will skyrocket. He goes on to illustrate his vision for the future of education:

Earlier in the panel discussion, Jobs told the crowd about his vision for textbook-free schools in the future. Textbooks would be replaced with a free, online information source that was constantly updated by experts, much like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Hmmm. Sounds familiar!


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