Stay-at-Home Mom Apologetics

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Stay-at-Home Mom Apologetics

Brandy Carrelli lays it down for all the mothers out there who either couldn’t imagine themselves staying at home or scoff at the idea of giving up their second income.

“One day, we came up with two simple, non-glorious reasons to have children. Mine: they change every day; never a dull moment. His: it would be nice to have someone to teach. Not a lot, but there they were.”

The stay-at-home mom is having a renaissance. Back when society expected mothers to stay home with their children, feminist groups were determined to break free of these societal strictures. Now that society is telling moms that they must enter the workforce, many well-educated, capable workers are heading back home to take care of their children.

To say that parenting is not a full time job is insulting to the millions of women who do it. Homeschoolers especially deserve to be recognized not only as parents but as teachers.

Read more at the Chicago Herald News.

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