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    Media Arts Online Course

    Course Description Media Arts takes a sweeping view of the many new technologies in the world today. Advertising and marketing Web design and content production Digital photography and videography Media art and culture   SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Web Design Online Course

    Course Description: Website basics Website building Styling your text Promoting your website Would you like to have your own website? Learn how to create your own web pages! Web Design utilizes web development software to lead you through the web development process. Web Design is a great course for adding innovative thoughts and a creative edge to your learning. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: This course is a great introduction to becoming a video producer. Hardware and software The production cycle Video editing In the studio Do you love to watch movies? Have you ever wanted to create a short film or a music video? If you have ever imagined yourself as a film producer, Video Studio is a great place to begin. SUPPORT MATERIALS