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    Course Description: The skeletal and muscular systems The digestive system The central nervous system Genetics and the circulatory system Human Anatomy and Physiology examines the basic concepts of structure and function of the human body. Processes of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and reproductive body systems are surveyed. Organ systems are discussed and special topics include nutrition, cancers, and use of androgens. Completion of Biology is highly recommended prior to enrolling in this course. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    AP Biology Online Course

    Course Description AP Biology forms a conceptual framework of biology as a modern and evolving science while preparing students to pass the AP Biology test. Fosters personal scientific inquiry Unifies biological themes Applies biological knowledge to community issues Prepares student for AP Biology test SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Biology Online Course

    Description This Biology course presents discoveries, concepts, and investigations of the every day living world in a relevant and interesting way, Explore CCourse ell Structures & DNA Discover the intricacy of God’s creation See at the microscopic level Provokes critical thinking about God’s universe Homeschooling Biology explores living things from the visual and microscopic perspectives. Learn how plants feed from their roots and which animals have multiple hearts. Discover why all of our blood doesn't settle in our feet when we stand up! Explore cell structures and DNA! Homeschooling Biology offers an exciting new perspective on the intricate living organisms that God created. SUPPORT MATERIAL
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    Chemistry Online Course

    Course Description This course uses basic scientific principles and techniques to investigate the elements, the atom, the structure of molecules, DNA, proteins, and materials common to everyday life. Everything is made of Matter Periodic Table and its elements Atoms, molecules and chemical reactions Simulated virtual chem lab In Homeschooling Chemistry, students will learn that everything in the world is made of something. Learn what that "something" is in Homeschooling Chemistry. Explore the Periodic Table with its elements, atoms and molecules, and various chemical reactions. Homeschooling Chemistry has an exciting virtual laboratory component, where you will be mixing solutions and exploring reactions. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Earth’s Structure & Formation Minerals and Rocks Rock Cycle Our blessed biosphere Let's travel around the world, in the world, and above the world! Earth Science examines the masterpiece that God created, from clouds and precipitation to earth's rotation. Find out about the ground beneath your feet, the air you breathe and the water you drink through interactive and engaging lessons that will have you appreciating your blessed planet more than ever before! SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Forensics 1 Online Course

    Course Description This course is a blend of science and human drama with all the allure of an exciting who-done-it mystery novel. DNA Profiling Real life case studies Participate in crime scene investigations How the authorities get justice for the innocent What is DNA profiling? How does an investigator match a fingerprint? How are bullet casings used to solve crimes? Explore the fascinating field of forensic science, using real case studies to highlight major areas of study. This course provides a comprehensive view of crime scenes, from burglaries to murders. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Forensics 2 Online Course

    Course Description: Forensics 2 presents students with extensive digital learning tools from interactive case-solving websites to videos depicting crime scene investigation. Advanced look at Crime Scene Investigation Real life forensic technicians Situational scenarios Tools of thee Trade SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Overview of science For non science majors Famous Scientists Instead of Chemistry and Physics Integrated Science 1 offers a comprehensive overview of the field of science, from biology and life science, to matter and chemical properties. Rather than going in depth into any one area of science, this course is a basic overview of most mainstream scientific components. This course is designed for students who would prefer not to take biology, chemistry, or physics. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: The Study of Living Things Examination of Plants & Animals Classification of Living Things The world through a Christian lens Welcome to the study of living things! Life Science provides a thorough examination of plants and animals, focusing on the human body and life cycles. Explore the world of microscopes, digestion, photosynthesis, and adaptations through a Christian lens, knowing God created it all! SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: God’s Intricate Universe Matter and Energy Electricity and Magnetism Sound Waves and Motion Matter and energy, the moon and the tides, electricity and magnetism, sound waves and motion; these are just a few of the exciting topics covered in Physical Science. This course deals with the invisible forces behind everything we see. Could God have created anything more intricate? SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Physics Online Course

    Course Description: Overview of general physics principles Work, Energy & Power Electricity & Magnetism Theory of Relativity Quantum Mechanics Homeschooling Physics studies the science of matter and energy and the interactions between them. This course provides a thorough overview of most general physics fields, from mechanics to magnetism. Could you be the next Newton or Kepler? Find out in Homeschooling Physics! SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 1 Online Course

    Course Description Have you ever been stung by a bee, scared by a spider, or soaked by the rain? Why do we need these things in our world? Building Blocks for Life How God’s Creation Works Seven Days of Creation The Earth, Planets and Solar System How do bees, spiders, and rain affect us? Building Blocks for Life offers answers to these questions. Discover how God�s creation works to form the world we live in. SUPPORT MATERIALS: