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    Course Description: Native Americans and Columbus The Revolutionary War era The Civil War era The 20th Century Adventures Through History provides a chronological, comprehensive overview of U.S. History. Students will explore Native Americans, conquering Europeans, and the gradual progression of our nation through war and the rise of technology. Get ready for an American timeline experience! SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Take an exciting geographic trip around this awe inspiring planet’s culture and people. The United States and North America Central and South America Africa Traveling and exploration Beyond the Sea takes students on a 180-day whirlwind trip around the world. From the Antarctica to Zimbabwe, students will be immersed in the culture and lifestyles of the children whose lives they will be reading about. Students will become globally informed, ethically conscious and socially aware of the many issues facing the inhabitants of God's world. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Communities Civil rights Government’s part Where I live American Wonders highlights aspects of national pride, from our government to Civil Rights and female leaders. This course weaves together American threads so students can see the how groups of people, the law, geography, and economics all work together to create a great nation. This course produces responsible, active citizens following God's will for our nation. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description God created us to depend on the environment for survival. Without nature, humans would have no food or water, no medicines, no energy. The goal of Our Friend, the Environment is to instill within every student an appreciation for the synergy of the world around us.   SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science K Online Course

    Course Description Discovering God's Creation is a wonderful introduction to the world around us as seen through the eyes of a kindergarten student. We are God’s Masterpeices Fosters enthusiasm for science Discover God’s love through His Creation Our Father’s World Did you know that you and I are considered God's masterpieces? We are perfect pieces of art molded by God so that we may please Him. In order to do so, He blessed us with a wonderful world to live in and take care of. God's Masterpiece highlights what God has created, from you and me to the oceans and skies to plants and animals. Discover how much God loves you by learning how He created you and the world around you! SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 5 Online Course

    Course Description: Fifth graders take a look at the component parts of our body and our world in this interactive eBook. From cells, bacteria and germs to tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanoes and fossils, students will explore God's creations from the tiniest atom to the largest forces on earth. Other areas of study include the ocean, navigation, explorers, energy, and plant classifications. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 4 Online Course

    Course description This Science 4 course examines the Magnificent natural world God created and promotes environmental awareness. Observing & Classifying Formulating Hypotheses Hands on science projects Interpreting Data If there were no plants or animals, how would we eat? If there were no rivers or lakes, how would we drink and wash? Nature provides us with many blessings needed to survive every day. God asks us to care for the environment He created especially for us to live in. Fourth grade Science examines our natural world and promotes environmental awareness. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 3 Online Course

    Course Description This course contains material on the creation of the universe, the formation of the earth, the planets and the galaxies, the moon, sun and stars. Cycles of Life God’s Creation works together Hands on Experiments Everything God Created has a Purpose God created everything in the universe to work harmoniously so we may have life. The moon, earth, and sun form a night and day cycle so that we may work and rest. The oceans and clouds produce rain and snow to water plants. Plants are a part of a life cycle that feeds us so we can stay alive and grow strong. Everything God created has a purpose and depends on other things in the universe to help it fulfill that purpose. Third grade Science examines how God created everything in life to link together in one magnificent web. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 2 Online Course

    Course Description: This course nurtures the development of the child's curiosity and wonder about God's creation. Go beyond what we can see observing and classifying. Take a look around you! Think about everything God has created in this world and how He has blessed us. Now consider that there are even MORE things God created that we cannot see right now. Did you know water runs underground, there are many planets in the universe way out in the sky, and there are things so small we need special tools to see them? Second grade Science will take you beyond what you can see to experience even the hidden things of God's masterpiece. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Science 1 Online Course

    Course Description Have you ever been stung by a bee, scared by a spider, or soaked by the rain? Why do we need these things in our world? Building Blocks for Life How God’s Creation Works Seven Days of Creation The Earth, Planets and Solar System How do bees, spiders, and rain affect us? Building Blocks for Life offers answers to these questions. Discover how God�s creation works to form the world we live in. SUPPORT MATERIALS: