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    Course Description This course is 50% art and 50% music In Art, students will learn to take pride in their own creativity and recognize God, the ultimate Creator, as the source of their creative gifts In Music, children will delight in learning many traditional styles of music as they sing along with a variety of worship songs A great way to encourage children to engage in the arts Explore your creativity in the wonderful worlds of art and music   SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Course Description Art and Music 4 challenges young learners to express themselves creatively through a variety of methods and materials. Explore various textures and colors, investigate mediums from paint to charcoal Examine drawing styles Make music personal     SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description Art and Music K is a delightful entry to the world of the arts. Art that illustrates Biblical principles Enjoy inner creativity Learn the different musical instraments Participate in interactive musical learning Art and Music K is a delightful combination of two half-year courses! Beginning with Art in September, students will make crafts and artwork that illustrate Biblical principles and give glory to God. At the same time, students will learn to utilize and enjoy their unique inner creativity. In January, students will shift their focus to music as they learn to recognize the different instruments through exciting web sites. Students will also participate in interactive learning activities that will introduce them to the basics of Music!   SUPPORT  MATERIALS  
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    Bible 1 Online Course

    Course Description Did you know that faith is like a muscle? The more we exercise it, the stronger it gets! This course takes a glimpse at how people in the Bible have exercised their faith and learned more about God each day. Students will learn practical ways that they can do the same! By reading these stories, families can learn to become stronger and more obedient in their faith. Get ready to build up your faith muscle! SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Bible 2 Online Course

    Course Description You know you should obey your parents, never gossip, and always tell the truth. This course highlights God's view of topics such as these and provides stories of children dealing with these issues in their lives. Find out what kind of person God desires you to be and how you can find the strength to do it! SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Bible 3 Online Course

    Course Description In studying Jesus life, we can learn not only WHAT he did, but WHY he did it. Follow in the footsteps of the disciples as they walked by Jesus's side. Find out what Jesus's world was like, and the things He saw and did. Deepen your faith as you journey through the gospels and learn the good news of Jesus Christ! SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Bible 4 Online Course

    Course Description   Have you ever heard of the great cloud of witnesses? A witness is someone whose life and faith tell of God's power and love.. As you study the lives of these witnesses, you will be challenged and inspired by the faith and perseverance demonstrated in their lives.   SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Bible 5 Online Course

    Course Description Have you ever felt lost when people started talking about faith salvation, grace, and sin? Have you ever wondered why Christians say what they say and do what they do? Wonder no more! In this course, we will study Christian life and faith, and learn how we can build a strong foundation for our faith in Christ that will support us throughout our lives. Learn how to apply your faith to your life through questions and discussion exercises that help you discover who you are in Christ and what that really means. SUPPORT MATERIALS    
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    Bible K Online Course

    Course Description Take a tour through the Old Testament! These Bible stories will help you learn about the ways God has taken care of His people in the past. Just like using blocks to build when we play, Bible stories give us the needed foundation as we build up our life with God. They remind us to have faith that He can take care of us today, tomorrow, and forever! Bible Building Blocks provides young students with an introduction to the Bible and its messages. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    This Biology course presents discoveries, concepts, and investigations of the every day living world in a relevant and interesting way. Explore Cell Structures & DNA Discover the intricacy of God’s creation See at the microscopic level Provokes critical thinking about God’s universe Biology explores living things from the visual and microscopic perspectives. Learn how plants feed from their roots and which animals have multiple hearts. Discover why all of our blood doesn't settle in our feet when we stand up! Explore cell structures and DNA! Homeschooling Biology offers an exciting new perspective on the intricate living organisms that God created. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    English 1 Online Course

      Course Description   Phenomenal Phonics uses phonics to teach the student rudimentary reading and writing skills. Students will learn sound recognition, letter blends, sight words, and reading comprehension skills through lessons rich with games, stories, and websites.   SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    English 2 Online Course

    Course Description This courses continues the study of sound blends and introduces suffixes and prefixes, as well as other word concepts. Additionally, students practice reading comprehension of more advanced stories. Many games and websites enrich this class and help make the learning experience smooth and pleasant. SUPPORT MATERIALS