Homeschooling Grad Makes the Grade

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Homeschooling Grad Makes the Grade

Another homeschooler has made the news this week. Jason Meade, a former homeshchooler, made “Who’s Who of American Universities and Colleges.”

The local resident’s road to college, however, was not a traditional one. Instead of attending public schools, Meade was home schooled by his mother, Lisa. Discussing his unusual high school years, Meade said it made him the person, and the student, that he is today.

“It definitely prepared me for college – without a doubt,” he said.

Jason’s mother says that by opening up learning to allow Jason to pursue the subjects for which he had an intrinsic passion, she enabled him to learn beyond her wildest dreams.

Socialization was never a problem. Jason assimilated easily into college, becoming president of his school’s biology and chemistry clubs, an editor for the school newspaper, all while remaining an active member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

He is now planning to study medicine on the graduate level.

Read more at the Monroe Courier.

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