Homeschoolers Meet for Annual Forensics Competition

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Homeschoolers Meet for Annual Forensics Competition

Joseph Farah’s recent installment of “Reading Between the Lines” sheds light on this year’s National Christian Forensics & Communications Association competition held at Point Loma Nazarene University. Throughout the competition, Christian homeschool teenagers debate about current issues, arguing different sides of an argument, always from a Christian perspective.

In public schools across America – and even in many private schools, I fear – teachers and administrators and “experts” have decided that today’s youth simply are incapable of greatness, simply incapable of living up to real challenges, simply incapable of living moral lives, simply incapable of intellectual heights reached by other generations.But millions of homeschooling parents are simply ignoring all that negativity and educating their children the best they know how.

Farah goes on to claim that these students are our future, and the future looks bright. We can only hope and pray that these few outspoken voices will be heard over the vast majority of today’s teenagers.

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