Homeschoolers Gain Acceptance

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Homeschoolers Gain Acceptance

Charlotte Hsu chronicles the struggles of homeschoolers to gain mainstream recognition from colleges and public school districts.

“We saw this unique opportunity to get some really good students at UCR, being one of the first major public universities to create a published homeschool admissions policy,” added Vahid, who homeschools his three children. “We thought it would give us an edge over other UCs as well as other public schools.”

Interestingly, Hsu cites a study that credits humanist John Holt with helping to birth homeschooling. This reinforces the idea that not all homeschoolers have chosen to home educate due to their religious convictions. The family study that Hsu examines, although religious, homeschools in order to get away from drug use, peer pressures, and the potential for school violence.

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