Homeschoolers Celebrate Monday Funday

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Homeschoolers Celebrate Monday Funday

Town Online has a wonderful writeup about a Masachusettes Co-op program called Monday Funday. Assuaging the doubts that many new homeschool parents have about their children’s socialization, this program enables youngsters to ineract with one another once a week in a safe learning environment.

Monday Funday is held specifically to engage homeschoolers in activities with other homeschooling students from the area. Classes range from chemistry, to chess, to art and include students of all ages in every class.

They also provide monthly support meetings for parents who are new to homeschooling or are struggling to make it all happen. Yahoo! has plenty of groups devoted to local homeschooling. Be sure to research groups in your area in order to give your children a unique learning experience coupled with invaluable socialization opportunities.

Read more at Town Online.

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