Homeschool Mom Risks Jail

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Homeschool Mom Risks Jail

A Pennsylvania Mom was recently sentenced to jail time on account of homeschooling her teenaged son. Recognizing that her son was unable to comprehend middle school learning material, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She faces almost $4,000 in truancy fines, but has little personal funds to pay them.

Unless the county court grants her appeal, Winters is slated to go to jail Dec. 14. The county court also possibly could require Kyle to return to school, where he would be in ninth grade and in the same trouble again, Walker says.

This is a good example of how not to homeschool. It’s important that homeschoolers do whatever they can to make things easy for the public school administrators to verify that we are in fact educating our children. That doesn’t mean we need to give up our rights, but we should be as helpful and accomodating as possible.

Read more at the Carlisle Sentinel.

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