German Government Kidnaps Homeschooler

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German Government Kidnaps Homeschooler

Last Thursday, a 17-year old German homeschooler was ripped from her family’s arms in Nuremburg, Germany. Melissa Busekros was forcibly removed by fifteen police officers from her home. She was struggling in math and Latin, so her parents decided to tutor her at home. She is currently being held in a child psychiatry unit in order to treat her “school phobia”.

American organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association are calling on American homeschoolers to speak out against this restriction of freedoms that sounds like it should have been banned along with the rest of Nazi-era freedom restrictions. In truth, the illegality of homeschooling was put into place by Hitler himself.

Please pray for our homeschooling brothers and sisters in Germany, that they might achieve the same level of freedom in education that we currently enjoy here in the states. Remember to keep Melissa Busekros and her family in your prayers as well.

You can send the German Embassy a message of your protest here.

Read more about this harrowing turn of events at

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