It all started when two people who shared a vision fell in love, Founder Howard Mandel and Cofounder Mimi. A quiver full learning at home under Christ’s Lordship with huge ideas and even more faith. Never to be a straight path, replete with tragedies and triumphs, always filled with amazing adventures, we learned through it all God’s Provision is Always Enough.

We have been blessed to be living our dream of serving the homeschooling community with programs that are worthy of them and God.

1988 – Began homeschooling; was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Home Learning Association and spearheaded the early days of homeschool coops.

1997 – CoFounder Mimi Rothschild authored a series of books Cyberspace for KIDS published by McGrawHill.

1998 – Founder Howard Mandel had a vision for an online homeschooling Academy that would come into homes of those who could not attend school or chose not to.

2001 – Founded the National Organization for Children which was granted a charter to launch one of the first online charter schools, The Einstein Academy.

2002 – Founded Learning By Grace, a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to develop God honoring learning experiences truly

worthy of the children. Launched the Grace Academy offering 150 online Christian courses and 1:1 tutoring.

2003 – Launched The Jubilee Academy, a parent led curriculum provider with 120 Christian based courses.

2004 – Launched The Morning Star Academy, a private, registered and accredited online private Christian school. 1:1 Tutoring, Credits and Diplomas.

2005 – Launched The Southern Baptist Academy, a private, registered and accredited online private school.

2006 – Launched K-12 Homeschool Academy, a subscription based online homeschooling program. Launched the Narnia and, both FREE homeschool resources.

2006 – Launched The Cambridge Academy, a non Christian secular online private college prep school.

2008 – Founded NutiSave, a non-profit humanitarian aid ministry whose mission was to feed hungry children.

2012 – Founder Howard Mandel, father of 8, beloved husband and visionary who imagined and then created a superior state of the art online Christian education program was called home to heaven after battling cancer.

2013 – Launched Braintopia, a massive homeschooling library. For one low monthly subscription, entire families get access to tens of thousands of videos, games, stimulations and ebooks.

2015 – Deployed Apps, Microsites, Microcourses, Scholarships programs, Homeschool Freebie Fest and more Free innovative and engaging homeschool resources.GOD’S WILL