What is Joy-Directed Activity?

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What is Joy-Directed Activity?

Joy Directed Activity is the area for recording supplemental educational activities for which your student should be receiving attendance credit. For example, if your student is reading a specific book for school, and your local theatre is performing a play about the book, then time spent attending this play would be recorded here. Trips to the museum to learn about ancient artifacts, the duck pond to sketch the great outdoors, or your local botanical gardens to learn about plants in your area are all activities that might enforce school lessons. You may also include community service related activities and learning activities. This could be assisting the elderly, volunteer work, teaching a skill to someone else, performing, playing an instrument, or field trips to areas of interest. Learning a new skill, such as balancing a checkbook or baking/cooking something new could also be included here. These are educational opportunities and should be included in your student’s educational record. Physical Education activities, such as bowling, dancing, karate, fishing, hunting, swimming, walking, exercising on a treadmill, running for a cause or gardening can be entered here.

Students may enter up to 150 hours of Joy Directed Activities per year.

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