MorningStar Academy Graduation Requirements

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MorningStar Academy Graduation Requirements

It is your responsibility to choose appropriate courses! Please check the following chart.

English 4Credits English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

College Writing and Vocabulary


Creative Writing

Christian Fantasy and Fiction

AP English Literature

AP English Language

Mathematics 4 Credits (MUST include Algebra and Geometry (PreAlgebra does not count as Algebra) Algebra 1 (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)


Integrated Math

Algebra 2

Consumer Math



Science 3 Credits (MUST include Biology) Biology (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)

Integrated Science


Forensics 1

Forensics 2

Human Anatomy and Physiology



AP Biology

Social Studies 4 Credits

Am. Gov.

US History

World History and


1. American Government (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)


3. World History (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE), Global Studies, World Religions, or
AP European History

4. US History or AP US History (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)

Global Language Not required for high school diploma, but required for many colleges Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

French 1

French 2

AP French Language

Latin 1

Latin 2

German 1

German 2

Fine Art, Music and Technology 1 Credit Art and Music 9-12

Piano Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Digital Photography

Music Studio

Video Studio

Web Design

Media Arts

20th Century Music

History of Christian Music

Christian Symbolism in Fine Art

Music Business

Health and Physical Education 1 Credit (MUST take Health and PE 9-12 and prove 40 hours of PE – see below) Health and PE 9-12 (MUST TAKE THIS COURSE)
General Electives 5Credits Psychology


Cinema History

Driver’s Education

Personal Finance

SAT Preparation

College Preparation

Career Preparation

Crime and Justice

Culinary Arts

Power of Prayer

Christian Character

Christian Womanhood

Christian Manhood

Christian Evangelism

Christian Life Skills

Social Action

Bible 9

Bible 10

Bible 11

Bible 12

And any course taken in a core subject OVER the required credit amount (ex:
If you take 5 English courses: 4 will count towards your English requirement,
1 will count as an Elective)

And any course taken in a core subject OVER the required credit amount (ex: If you take 5 English courses: 4 will count towards your English requirement, 1 will count as an Elective)
• One credit will be awarded for each course that is completed correctly (all incomplete and incorrect work will earn a zero).
• Home school students have the ability to work at their own pace throughout the school year.
• A global language is not required, although many higher-level educational institutions require it for admission.
• The Health and Physical Education credit requires the completion of forty (40) hours of an organized sport in addition to the completion of all online lessons in the Health course. To be awarded a complete credit for the year in the Health & Physical Education course, you must provide proof of the student’s enrollment and participation in an organized sport of your choice by submitting a receipt of payment for the organized sport, class, etc. or a letter from the instructor or coach noting his/her participation and completion of 40 hours. The 40 required hours must be taken while enrolled in the Health and Physical Education course, or the course may be taken in the summer session following when the hours where completed. If this portion is not completed, the student will earn a half (.5) credit for Health and no credit for PE.

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