Famous Homeschoolers Who Changed the World

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Famous Homeschoolers Who Changed the World

By Mimi Rothschild

Some of the most famous artists, composers, writers, judges, inventors, religious leaders, and presidents in the world were homeschooled. It’s no coincidence that some of the most brilliant minds in history were developed and challenged in homeschools.

A homeschooler’s education isn’t limited by one dimensional curriculums like those offered by public schools. Homeschool students learn in unique and education focused environments which are why homeschoolers, on average, test 30-37% higher than public school students in all subjects! A homeschooler’s mind is challenged academically on a daily basis because the curriculum is custom made to fit their strengths and weaknesses.

Homeschoolers don’t have to deal with the consistent distractions that plague public schools. Homeschoolers can learn in a quiet setting that allows them to interact with adults in a mature way.

Some of the greatest leaders, artists, and writers ever, who are fervently studied in most schools, excelled because of their homeschool educations. It is exciting to think about which one of our Grace Academy homeschoolers will become the next Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, C.S. Lewis, or Abraham Lincoln.

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