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Social Studies 5

Course description

Traveling Toward Cultural Awareness takes students on a virtual trip around the globe. Students are introduced to contemporary world cultures and human geography. They will visit homes of people living in the Antarctica, Egypt, China, Africa, and Europe. Through these introductions, students will learn about regional geography and how it affects the way people live, including what they eat and what kind of work they do.

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Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook


The Heritage Social Studies 5 eBook incorporates history, geography, anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, and environmental issues. Through this course, students will become historically informed, globally aware, ethically concerned, and responsibly active citizens.


0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. An Introduction to Globes & Maps
2. Oceans & Continents
3. Your World
4. Nature
5. Forest
6. Extreme North and South
7. Deserts
8. Nile River Valley
9. Egypt
10. Egypt Part 2
11. Egyptian Life
12. African Grasslands
13. Great Rift Valley
14. Wonders of Africa
15. Switzerland
16. Netherlands
17. Netherlands Part 2
18. The Mediterranean
19. Europe
20. India
21. India Part 2
22. Oceans
23. Fishing Towns
24. Japan
25. Japanese Culture
26. Lo Chau
27. Seppi Of Austria
28. Seppi Of Austria Conclusion
29. Fables
30. Going on a Trip
31. The Crossroads Of The Pacific
32. Hawaii
33. Island Missionaries
34. The Pines Of Hawaii
35. Tour Round The Islands
36. Our Nation

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