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Social Studies 4

Course description

Adventures Through History provides a chronological, comprehensive overview of U.S. History. Students will explore Native Americans, conquering Europeans, and the gradual progression of our nation through war and the rise of technology. Get ready for an American timeline experience!


The Heritage Social Studies 4 eBook provides students with a survey of U.S. history from Columbus to the present. Review questions are included throughout, as well as helpful maps. The text contains numerous pictures and large print.

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Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook


0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. Native Americans
2. Native Americans Part 2
3. Native Americans Part 3
4. The Plains
5. Columbus
6. Explorers
7. Explorers Part 2
8. Settlers
9. Early American Settlements
10. Slavery
11. French and Indian War
12. Road to the Revolutionary War
13. Revolutionary War
14. Revolutionary War Part 2
15. Constitution and Bill of Rights
16. Westward Expansion
17. Pioneers
18. Industrial Revolution
19. Pioneers of the South
20. Reform Movements
21. Mexican War
22. Conflict with Native Americans
23. Southern Life
24. Road to the Civil War/War Between the States
25. Road to the Civil War/War Between the States Part 2
26. War Begins
27. Civil War Continues
28. Reconstructing America
29. A New America
30. Unit Conclusion
31. Review
32. Here Comes Tin Lizzie
33. Thomas Edison
34. The War Against Disease
35. Americans and Europe
36. America Fights Another War

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