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Bring history to life with our MULTIMEDIA packed online homeschooling courses.

Videos, Animations, Simulations, eBooks, Websites, Games are all handpicked to create an ENGAGING and INSPIRING Christian curriculum.
The goals of our English online homeschooling is to empower our students to progress in their ability to:

1. Increase reading comprehension in fiction and nonfiction by reading strategically;
2. Read independently for information and plea sure;
3. Appreciate the creative and literary contributions of persons of varied cultures;
4. Utilize appropriate resources in problem identification and solution;
5. Utilize the writing process to produce effective written communication;
6. Incorporate the Six Traits of Quality Writing into written communication;
7. Synthesize and critically analyze the literal and figurative levels of literature;
8. Utilize technology and community resources to enhance language arts skills;
9. Determine the reliability and accuracy of information;
10. Demonstrate cooperative attitudes and behaviors in group situations;
11. Self-assess and discuss progress and performance using a scoring guide;
12. Employ active listening skills;
13. Communicate orally using supporting media effectively;
14. Use language arts skills to begin the exploration their own career potential;
15. Understand how the use and misuse of language shapes perceptions;
16. And give credible, sufficient evidence to support oral an d written responses.


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AP English Literature
College Writing
Creative Writing
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