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Bible 5


Math 5


Science 5


Physical Education/Health 5


English 5


Social Studies 5



Six Courses Per Year

Fifth Grade Morning Star Academy Students take 6 Full Year Online Homeschooling Courses. The following is a suggested 5th grade course of study.


Your Child is an Individual, Not a Grade

We honor the individuality of your child. The Morning Star Academy online homeschooling program allows you to customize a course of study that perfectly suits your child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Customized Course of Study

Our Registrar’s office is always happy to review the options with you and help you individualize your child’s list of online homeschooling courses.

Outside the Grade Level Box

You do not have to select online homeschooling courses that are in the same grade. For example, if your child excels in Language Arts and is weaker in Math, you may take 2nd grade English courses and Kindergarten grade math or any other grade.

Please call 1-484-383-3900 today to discuss your child’s academic situation.

At Morning Star, it’s all about serving the child not fitting him into a predetermined grade slot based on his age. Together, we can give your child an online homeschooling program as unique as he is!

High Academic Standards

We set the bar high! We believe children will achieve what they believe they can achieve and we believe they can excel!