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Social Studies K

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From the history of our nation’s founders to the origins and traditions of our national holidays, students will be presented with a lively look into American culture. Students will not only explore America, but will examine ways to help preserve it. Kindergarten Social Studies is a great introduction to lifelong patriotism.

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The Heritage Social Studies K eBook contains numerous full-color illustrations, maps, and chapter questions to help ensure excellent student comprehension. Some elementary geography lessons are also included.


0. Important Course Information
1. Introduction
2. All About Me
3. Differences
4. Families
5. The United States
6. Voyage to America
7. Explorers
8. Heroes
9. The New World
10. Pilgrims
11. Thanksgiving
12. Needs and Wants
13. December Holidays
14. Christmas
15. New Year’s
16. Traditions and Resolutions
17. Other Cultures’ New Years
18. Transportation
19. Reasons for Transportation
20. Reasons for Transportation Part 2
21. February Holidays
22. Friendship
23. Valentine’s Day
24. Presidents
25. Washington and Lincoln
26. Washington and Lincoln Part 2
27. Made in America?
28. St. Patrick’s Day
29. St. Patrick’s Day
30. Mapping
31. How To Get To….
32. The Earth
33. In and Around The House
34. Earth Day
35. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
36. More On Recycling

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