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Social Studies 3

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Beyond the Sea takes students on a 180-day whirlwind trip around the world. From the Antarctica to Zimbabwe, students will be immersed in the culture and lifestyles of the children whose lives they will be reading about. Students will become globally informed, ethically conscious and socially aware of the many issues facing the inhabitants of God’s world.


The Heritage Social Studies 3 eBook provides young students with a uniquely engaging study of the different countries and cultures of the world. As students travel from one region to the next, they will be exposed, not to a mere study of geographical or regional facts, but to the life and experiences of children around the world through fictional accounts of typical families

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Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook


0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. Our World
2. Our World Part 2
3. The United States
4. Exploration
5. Exploration Part 2
6. Ready to Travel
7. The Plains
8. Traveling
9. Deserts
10. The Amazon
11. Brazil
12. Central America
13. Central America Part 2
14. North Atlantic Provinces
15. Canada
16. Congo Valley
17. Simba’s Life
18. Africa
19. Grasslands and Desert
20. Pyramids
21. Deserts
22. Deserts Part 2
23. Bedouin Arabs
24. Traveling with the Bedouins
25. China
26. Rivers
27. States, Regions, and Maps
28. Around The World
29. Taking It Back
30. Jackson and Jefferson
31. Jefferson, Wilson, and Roosevelt
32. Roosevelt
33. Susan B Anthony
34. Women’s First
35. Abigail Adams
36. How the US Government Works

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