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Social Studies 2

Course description

American Wonders highlights aspects of national pride, from our government to Civil Rights and female leaders. This course weaves together American threads so students can see the how groups of people, the law, geography, and economics all work together to create a great nation. This course produces responsible, active citizens following Gods will for our nation.


The Heritage Social Studies 2 eBook covers the role of communities and the services they provide from a Christian perspective. Holidays, festivals, families and their histories, belonging to God’s family, citizenship, social responsibility and the interdependence of people throughout the globe are some the themes to be covered this year.

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Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook


0. Important Course Information
1. How We Get Food
2. Respect
3. Rules
4. Inventions
5. Work
6. Communities
7. People in the Community
8. History of Communities
9. Future of Communities
10. Choices
11. Where I Live
12. Maps
13. What is a Globe?
14. Safety
15. Buying
16. Government
17. Government Part 2
18. Hawaii
19. African Americans
20. African American Firsts
21. African American Inventors
22. Civil Rights
23. Civil Rights Part 2
24. Civil Rights Part 3
25. Native Americans
26. Native Americans Part 2
27. Celebrations
28. Famous Women
29. Heroes
30. Women Wonders
31. Helen Keller
32. Australia
33. African Stories and Animals
34. Asia and Europe
35. North and South American Geography
36. Oceans,Continent, Review

Course Materials