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Social Studies 1

Course description

God created us to depend on the environment for survival. Without nature, humans would have no food or water, no medicines, no energy. The goal of Our Friend, the Environment is to instill within every student an appreciation for the synergy of the world around us.


In this eBook, students will learn about the world around them. The emphasis for the year will be on community, home and school, and neighborhood helpers.

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Am Gov eBook

Am Gov eBook


0. Important Course Information
1. Food
2. Food Groups Part 1
3. Food Groups Part 2
4. Water
5. Communication
6. Transportation
7. Clothing
8. Machines
9. Houses
10. Little Town
11. More About Little Town
12. Farms
13. On the Road
14. Where we Get Our Food
15. Oranges
16. On the Ranch
17. Food that Travels
18. More Food that Travels
19. Wool
20. Making Wool
21. Cotton
22. Making Clothes
23. Dressing for the Weather
24. Types of Clothing
25. Rules
26. Family
27. People Build Houses
28. Building The New Home
29. Moving On
30. Brick Houses
31. Heat Light and Gas
32. Recycling
33. Environmental Destruction
34. Intro To Rainforests
35. The President of the United States
36. American Values

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