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Math 3

Course Description

Math is like a building that is constructed from the ground up. In third grade, the foundation of the building is completed, and now it’s time to add the walls. Math 3 introduces many new topics to the students, from multiplication and division to fractions and decimals.


This eBook covers multiplying by 10, ordering, rounding and patterns, fractions, decimals, multiplying two digit numbers, real life problems, timetables, averaging, adding and subtracting three digit numbers, and division with remainders. Achievement in Arithmetic is highly interactive, to help solidify these concepts for the students.

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0. Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
0. Victory Math 3 Workbook
1. Place Value
2. Odds and Evens, Counting
3. Sums and Differences
4. Fractions
5. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
6. Decimals
7. Unit Reviews
8. Multiplying
9. More Multiplying
10. Multiplication
11. Multiplying by large numbers

12. Introduction to Division
13. More Division
14. Multiplication and Division
15. Equality
16. Review: Multiplication and Division
17. Money Review
18. Possible Results
19. More Money
20. Measurement I
21. Metric Measurement
22. Capacity
23. Time
24. Temperature

25. Unit Review
26. Shapes
27. Lines
28. Angles
29. Properties of Shapes
30. Patterns
31. Patterns II
32. Graphs & Charts I
33. Graphs & Charts II
34. Data Analysis
35. Data Analysis II
36. Review & Unit Test

Course Materials