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Life Science

Course Description

Welcome to the study of living things! Life Science provides a thorough examination of plants and animals, focusing on the human body and life cycles. Explore the world of microscopes, digestion, photosynthesis, and adaptations through a Christian lens, knowing God created it all!


In this extensive eBook, accompanied by a variety of different learning materials, you will cover the classification of living things, life and cells, cell structure, activities of cells, mitosis and genes, genetics, biblical creationism, biological evolutionary theories, plant structure, plant reproduction, invertebrates, animal behavior, ecosystem, relationship between organisms, natural resources and more.

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Answer Keys
0. Important Course Information
1. The Study of Life Science
2. The Nature of Matter in Living Things
3. What Microscopes Reveal
4. Animal Cells
5. Plant Cells
6. Algae & Hydra
7. A Life in the Soil
8. Vertebrate & Invertebrate
9. Vascular & Non-Vascular Plants
10. Kingdom Protista
11. Insects — Part 1

12. Insects — Part 2
13. Plant systems
14. Food
15. Communities
16. Earth Effects
17. Adaptations
18. Midterm Exam
19. Life Cycles
20. Experiments and Activities
21. A Look at Ourselves
22. Circulation
23. Digestion
24. Lung, Kidney, and Skin Functions

25. The Brain
26. Functions
27. The Senses
28. Body
29. Inside
30. Procreation
31. Reproduction
32. Variations in Genetics
33. Natural Selection and Genetics
34. Nature
35. Natural Development
36. Final Exams

Course Materials