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Pre-Algebra Online

Course Description

Homeschooling Math just became a lot easier!

Homeschooling using our online Pre-Algebra math course, students are Introduced to our Pre-Algebra eBook with the beginnings of work with variables in mathematical expressions, basic algebra skills such as factoring and graphing of algebraic expressions and equations as well as work with exponents and radicals.

eBook (Online Textbook)

In this course eBook, students will see real-life applications of their mathematical skills while learning valuable tips for the future. This online course reinforces general math skills learned in the Victory Math 6 course, as well as new skills to introduce algebraic concepts.


0. Important Course Information
1. Linear Measurements
2. Understanding & Working with Numbers
3. Understanding & Working with Numbers: II
4. Fractions
5. Decimals
6. Measurements of Solids
7. Measurements of Solids: II
8. The Meaning and Use of Percents
9. Further Study of Percent
10. Preparation and Unit Test
11. Money, Credit & Business

12. Saving, Wise Spending, and Investing
13. Insurance
14. Taxes
15. Ratio and Proportion
16. Geometric Constructions
17. Geometric Applications
18. Using Equations
19. More About Measures and Numbers
20. Preparation and Unit Test
21. Reading and Making Graphs
22. Reading and Making Graphs II
23. Mid Year Exam
24. Money Management

25. Money Management cont.
26. Money Management cont.
27. Management Science
28. Statistics
29. Statistics II and Social Choice
30. Social Choice
31. On Size and Shape
32. Computer Science
33. Summary
34. The Stock Market
35. Income Tax
36. Practical Math Final Project