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No other academy offers such a diverse array of courses! The Morningstar Academy is proud to offer over 140 Biblically-based courses that range from Web Design to Creative Writing. The Christ-centered curriculum uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a challenging and engaging experience for each student. The Academy lessons are student-driven, require about 45 minutes of time to complete, and contain content readings, engaging activities, colorful graphics, animated materials, and the infusion of multimedia, such as digitized sound and videos. Our Curriculum Team is dedicated to ensuring all lessons follow Biblical principles and teachings, and that they are all age-appropriate. What kinds of assignments are there?

  • Online Reading assignments are the most common. They require you to read an assigned portion of a chapter, and usually include links to external websites and/or instructions for watching videos. Click “Please CLICK HERE to Submit Your Finished Assignment” when you have completed the required reading.
  • Multiple Choice assignments are quizzes or tests. Some Multiple Choice assignments may require you to watch a video or do lesson reading and/or additional reading on external websites before answering the questions. Click “Turn In Your Test” when all questions have been answered.
  • Fill in the Blank assignments usually contain a reading assignment and then a series of fill-in-the-blank questions. Click “Turn In Your Test” when all questions have been answered.
  • Free Response assignments require you to do some reading and/or research, and then type the required response, usually an essay, into the text box provided. Once the free response has been completed, click the “Send Free Response” button to submit the assignment.
  • Discussion Board assignments have assigned reading and may require you to visit external websites or watch videos, and then make a posting on the assignment’s discussion board in response to assigned questions. After you click “Add Comment” to post your response, you will be able to view the responses of your classmates.Online readings and discussion boards do not receive a grade. They are marked completed or not completed, and are unweighted. Graded assignments are weighted differently and therefore some assignments are worth more than others. The Morning Star Academy program is founded on the belief that we live in a created universe, in which all truth emanates from God. The materials are intended to support instruction that establishes Christian truth as the complete truth and a real, dependable guide for life. Our Bible-based curriculum expresses that knowledge and is both discovered and revealed. Thus, the Bible is presented as the inspired, inerrant Word of God and the only true authority. The Christian courses underscore our belief that humankind is specially created in God’s image, man’s “sub-creative” imagination and powers are inherent from that creation, man is fallen and there are consequences from the fall.