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College Admissions

Preparing for University Acceptance

MorningStar Academy graduates have been accepted at numerous colleges and universities across the country. Through our rigorous coursework and emphasis on independent study skills, The MorningStar Academy graduates are uniquely qualified to thrive in a college environment.

As soon as your child is enrolled into The MorningStar Academy high school program, an Academic Counselor is available to assist you to help your child through the college admissions process. The counselor will help your child prepare for the SAT and ACT exams and will guide your child through the college application and admissions process, in addition to helping your child build a personalized higher-education and career plan.

We work closely with our students to keep them on the path to college acceptance by offering the following:

  • Top notch college-preparatory curriculum, including college prerequisite courses, Advanced Placement courses, and language studies.
  • Extracurricular opportunities to give MorningStar Academy students a competitive edge
  • Experienced staff and resources to help students prepare for the college selection and application process.
  • Transcripts and letters of recommendations from The MorningStar Academy teachers and administrative staff sent to colleges and university.
  • Gorgeous portfolio highlighting your students best work

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