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Famous Homeschoolers Who Changed the World

By Mimi Rothschild Some of the most famous artists, composers, writers, judges, inventors, religious leaders, and presidents in the world were homeschooled. It’s no coincidence that some of the most brilliant minds in history were developed and challenged in homeschools. A homeschooler’s education isn’t limited by one dimensional curriculums like those offered by public schools. [...]

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Homeschool World Series

By Mimi Rothschild Congratulations to all the teams that qualified for the Homeschool World Series tournament in Pensacola, Florida this week. Listen to the live internet broadcast for today’s championship game here. The Homeschool World Series Association is a nonprofit organization that coordinates varsity-level baseball competition throughout North America. The Homeschool World Series Association seeks [...]

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Homeschool Entrepreneur

By Mimi Rothschild The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about a clever entrepreneur who also happens to be a full time homeschool mom. We feel very strongly about teaching the girls a portfolio of skills that will give them both a solid foundation for a 21st-century career, and a rich inner life. Cultural [...]

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More African-Americans Homeschooling

By Mimi Rothschild According to a recent news story in Memphis, an increasing number of African Americans are choosing to homeschool. "Expectations of African-American males is low," said his mother. "Numerous studies when African-American child reaches 4th grade, his excitement, enthusiasm, desire for learning has pretty much been I heard one educator say 'beaten out [...]

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Homeschooling for the Family

By Mimi Rothschild The Arizona Republic has a wonderful article about one family's decision to homeschool.  As much as we focus the academic and moral benefits of homeschooling, we can sometimes take for granted the relational benefits. "I choose to homeschool because I want to maintain family relationships in a way that cannot be done [...]

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Busekros Family Encouraged to Cede Control of Five More Children

By Mimi Rothschild This story continues to break my heart. It's clear that there are still remnants of Hitler's oppressive regime lingering in German government. World Net Daily has an update on the Melissa Busekros saga. One of the first things that Hitler did upon achieving political supremacy was create the Ministry of Education. In [...]

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Steve Jobs Slams Teachers Unions

By Mimi Rothschild CEO of Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs took an opportunity to take a swing at the real problem facing K-12 schools. No, it's not lagging technology or lack of funds; it's the simple fact that teachers unions encourage mediocrity. "What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you [...]

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Adopt a Soldier

One of The Grace Academy students sent us a link to a site that enables families to "adopt" a soldier that is currently defending our freedom in Iraq. You can send them cards and letters expressing your appreciation as well as care packages full of goodies that will surely warm the hearts of our men [...]

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German Government Kidnaps Homeschooler

Last Thursday, a 17-year old German homeschooler was ripped from her family’s arms in Nuremburg, Germany. Melissa Busekros was forcibly removed by fifteen police officers from her home. She was struggling in math and Latin, so her parents decided to tutor her at home. She is currently being held in a child psychiatry unit in [...]

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Stay-at-Home Mom Apologetics

Brandy Carrelli lays it down for all the mothers out there who either couldn't imagine themselves staying at home or scoff at the idea of giving up their second income. "One day, we came up with two simple, non-glorious reasons to have children. Mine: they change every day; never a dull moment. His: it would [...]

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