A Time for Giving

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A Time for Giving

 Author: Lisa Dingman
Autumn is majestic with its falling leaves, warm days and crisp nights.  October brings the bustle of the house. We, like many families, like to celebrate Halloween so we decorate the house, start costumes and rejoice at all the pumpkin birthdays our family celebrates. It seems shortly after that the hustle and bustle of Christmas comes so fast, that we have no time to sit and reflect the coming holiday.  Sure, we celebrate Thanksgiving but how often did we actually take the time to reflect on what it means in our life.

It is time to celebrate Thanksgiving, the holiday of family and food. There is a special tradition we have on Thanksgiving Day. The first part of your day is spending time with our family playing games and riding bikes. Then we indulge in a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Finally, everyone takes a turn sharing why he or she is thankful. Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for the whole month, not one day. Remembering our gratitude to the Lord for all the heaps of blessings, He has poured out to our undeserving favor.

We struggle to be grateful every day, not just in the month of November or on Thanksgiving Day.  However, it seems as if our gratitude is consistently clouded by unforeseen events. I so often hear from people the negative with the positive in one sort or another. Either the sunny side follows the negative of a situation or, the sunny side is great but it could be better if the negative only remedied it. It is funny that I can hear the negative of others, but I am sure I rarely catch the negative of my own voice. I am not being a bragger or believing that I am so perfect I never have negativity. I am sure that I can tend to see the downside with the upside which is dangerous because there is always an upside so who cares about the down side. Move on! Therefore, it is time to catch the negative.

I hear that a habit is made in 30 days and everything is a habit. Bad habits are the same as good habits because they are still habits. Also, learn how to do it once and you will never have to do it again. Finally, gratitude is everything and the more you are grateful the more meaningful life is.

This year not only are we going to do something wonderful and fantastic for our Thanksgiving holiday, but I am going to write down daily in a gratitude journal all the things that I am grateful for throughout the month of November. With that, I will have created a habit and I will continue my gratitude book throughout the months of the year. Next Thanksgiving, I can spend time in contemplation over the heaps of blessings the Lord has poured out for my family and me.

What will you do this Thanksgiving season? How will you celebrate? Why are you thankful? For what are you thankful? What can you do this year to ensure that you remain on the positive and avoid the negative? Perhaps just thinking of what we are grateful of on a daily basis will help us to understand just how lucky we are.

Lisa Dingman is a homeschool mom of four children and the founder of Success In Home Biz. With her business, Lisa focuses on helping people gain financial independence while still spending time with their spouses, homeschooling the children, or continuing to work at their present jobs while uncovering the road to financial freedom.

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