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Homeschool Diploma

You can earn an official Homeschool Diploma if you meet the high school graduation requirements. We accept credits from your previous homeschool program as well as any traditional school.

What You Get at Our Online Christian Home Schooling Program

The MorningStar Academy gives you everything you need to get a superior education:

You recieve: ebooks (electronic books) textbooks, workbooks, videos, CD-ROMs, interactive online materials, workbooks, daily devotions, and group activities such as cybertrips, contests, and projects.

You choose from a massive list of 150 Christian online home school courses in elementary, middle or high school that cover most academic topics, including electives, of which you can choose up to 6 each year. These courses are fully accredited and give you credibility with your local school district as well as colleges. We provide high school students with a diploma and a GPA.

Your child also receives UNLIMITED ACCESS to and SUPPORT from our online teachers. Your student can ask an unlimited number of questions. This is an invaluable home school resource that prevents parents from having to learn higher level courses such as Trigonometry or German. Our teachers are subject matter experts so you don't have to be!

You will receive ongoing, continual, dependable support that will reduce stress and enable you to home school longer and more successfully.

Our home school parents receive the partnership of an accredited and registered private institution committed to helping you provide a quality education for your family. All of our online homeschooling parents are included in a specialized community of online homeschool families where support, encouragement and resources are freely shared.

Our online Christian online homeschool curriculum is fully accredited. You get enormous credibility with your local school district as well as colleges. As with every educational institution, please be sure to confirm credit transferability with your college or university of choice.

The Morning Star Academy gives high school students that fulfill our graduation requirements an official private homeschool diploma and as well as a Grade Point Average (GPA), which some colleges require for admission.

You get daily/weekly lesson plans for 180 days of home school curriculum, a calendar of assignments, transcripts, tests, quizzes, high school diploma and progress. This takes a tremendous amount of busywork out of home schooling. When other home school parents spend the entirety of their Sundays hashing out the following week's lessons, The MorningStar Academy's parents simply review the pre-planned home school lessons.

We take care of the busywork so that you can focus on parenting.

Most importantly, we provide students with a spiritually enriching and Christ-honoring Biblically-based powerful Christian online homeschooling program.

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MorningStar Academy would love to give your student an official highschool diploma!