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Christian Online Home Schooling Academy Safe Social Center

Socialization is the number one buzzword when home schooling is the topic. People often express the concern that home schooled children will not be properly socialized because they are not exposed daily to the requirements of living within a public school social group.

Many people now recognize that the social environment of many public and private schools is actually one of the best reasons to home school. These negative social experiences can include bullying, foul language, unbiblical world views, lack of values, pressure to use drugs and alcohol and, in increasing cases, emotional and physical abuse.

The MorningStar Academy's online Christian home schooling program offers Christian home schoolers our safe and electronically monitored Home School Social Center.

Our home school students can participate in a safe and protected online environment that allows participation by other registered MorningStar home school students only. Children still must be made aware of the potential dangers in all Internet-based communications and should learn the basic rules of Internet conduct. However, The MorningStar Academy's online Christian Home School Social Center is a sheltered, closed and completely safe environment for children to meet and inspire one another. Students must obey the etiquette rules to keep their Home School Social Center privileges.

Daily Online Home School Lesson Plans

No more staying up late the night before planning out your child's lesson plans! No more reinventing the wheel. No more wasted time and effort. Our home school curriculum developers have done it all for you! Not only do our Christian home school curriculum designers lay out all of the lesssons, quizzes, tests and projects for your students, they have also added a balanced, carefully selected list of resource materials such as readings, websites, videos and offline activities....for each and every assignment! No one home school parent could ever do that much work for every lesson.

Online Christian Home School Calendar

Does your student sometimes struggle with what they are supposed to be working on? Do you? Worry no more. When enrolled in our Academy, students have access to their own customized calendar which automatically lists assignments and deadlines....every single day of the year! The calendar also includes a place for a parent or student to add more "to do" items such as outside music lessons or sports.

One-to-One Live Home School Program Tutoring

Academic Counselors are our qualified, experienced Christian home school program teachers. Our teachers are available during regular school hours for one-to-one consultations via our Live Operator System, providing the student with instant access to the teacher of their choice.