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PHILADELPHIA, PA — The MorningStar Academy ( has created a new department specifically designed to meet the needs of first time homeschoolers. The MorningStar Academy is one of the online K-12 Christian Academies for homeschoolers provided by Learning By Grace, Inc. (

The Admissions Counseling Department helps online homeschoolers adhere to local registration requirements, select courses to meet the needs of individual children, navigate through the Academy's any time, any pace curriculum, and gain recognition for special learning situations, such as field trips, local sports leagues, dance classes, etc.

"Our hope is that the new Admissions Counseling Department will not only meet the unique needs of first time homeschoolers, but will also encourage parents who are considering homeschooling to take the plunge with confidence, knowing that they have a toll-free number and support staff ready to aid them whenever it is needed," said Mimi Rothschild, CEO of Learning By Grace, Inc.

The Department was created in response to new online homeschoolers' need for support in understanding the many facets of homeschooling. Learning By Grace, Inc. has Admissions Counselors waiting to direct and support families considering online homeschooling as their education option.

"The Admissions Counseling Department at The MorningStar Academy is a resource designed to light the path to a great homeschooling experience. With guidance throughout the process, parents can feel good about providing the best education for their children," continued Rothschild.

With the rising popularity of online homeschooling as an education alternative, increased support for homeschooling families has become of greater importance. Learning By Grace, Inc.'s Admissions Counseling Department is a world-class example of how homeschooling needs are being met.

Learning by Grace, Inc. is the leading provider of revolutionary Christian PreK-12 online learning solutions. Through its parent-led or teacher-led academies and 110 extensive course offerings, Learning by Grace provides engaging educational support to Christian home school families worldwide.

Phone: 484-383-3900

The MorningStar Academy is the Premier K-12 Online Christian Private Academy. It is a Diploma-Granting, Registered, Accredited School with all the benefits of Christ-Centered, Online Homeschooling!

Phone: 484-383-3900