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Free Recreation Videos

The Great Homeschool Potato Harvest

Cache Valley Homeschoolers gathered at a field in Amalga to harvest potatoes for the food pantry.

Creating a Hitch Knot

Step-by-step instructions on how to tie a taut hitch knot.

Science and the Soul:

Celebrating San Francisco Opera's world premiere of Doctor Atomic.

Creation 2008

Video of Flyleaf and Skillet at Creation 2008.

The Hunger Creation 2008

Fireflight playing "The Hunger" at Creation 2008.

A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Campers

FA great how-to guide for camping including choosing the right tent and meal planning.

Camping Necessity: Steps to Cleaning a Trout

A step-by-step guide to cleaning a trout. Great for fishing first-timers!

Tips for Building a Camp Fire

A step-by-step guide to creating a safe camp fire.

Weedwhacker Boat

First test run of the weedwhacker boat.

1st Weekend with the Boat

My first weekend with my new boat on Round Lake.

Touring the Mississippi Delta with Erik Hastings

Erik tours Tunica,Leland, and Hastings.

Brads new boat

Erik tours Tunica,Leland, and Hastings.

Boat Ready

A boat ready to sail.

Boating on Lake Erie

Out on lake Erie. My new Baker 21' with a 225 HO Johnson outboard.

My New Boat

Testing out the waters with my new boat.

Boating on Lake Mead

The first time we took our new Lightning Custom Boat out on Lake Mead with our friends.

Boating on Botany Bay

Kavanagh's in Australia boating on Botany Bay one fine Sunday...

Boating in La Parguera

One of the most pleasant boating activities in La Parguera is a simple excursion around the bay in a boat.

2008 Australia Day on a Boat

On 2008 all the boyz went on a boat on Australia day mf.

Small boat ride in Halong Bay

Small boat ride in Halong Bay

Boating through Zach's Bay

Cruising home on the Polar 21" with friends.

Small boat ride in Halong Bay

A trip down Montego Bay

Boating Thru San Francisco Bay

A ride down the river in Sayville, Long Island, passing boats and entering the Great South Bay.

Boating on the Chesapeake Bay

Boating on the Chesapeake Bay on Labor Day Weekend 2007

Boating through Zach's Bay

Ina & I soaking up some sun and the waves are gettin Ina all wet.

Thriller Boating in Miami

Thriller speed boat at bayside in Miami.

Boating in Miami

Boating in Miami from Nancy & Gilbert

Tips for Camping in the Winter Time

Essential tips for camping in the cold winter time.

Organizing Tips for Camping

Great camping tips for organizing, storage and packing

Essential Tips for Choosing a Campsite

This video provides seven helpful tips in choosing a campsite for a wonderful outdoor experience.

Important Tips for Camping

Great tips for camping preparation.

Here is how to start a camp fire when you go camping

This video shows you how to start a camp fire.