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Home schooling is sweeping the nation. The MorningStar Home School Academy has received the attention of the press on a number of occasions. Learn more about ways that you can get involved in online home school education. You can find out about new services, contests, and features on this page. Keep up with what's going on in The MorningStar Academy by reading the press releases below.

We've always got something new going on at The MorningStar Academy. Check back to this page often to see what's new!

February 2007
02.23.07 Online School Provides Options for Disenfranchised Youth
The MorningStar Academy offers an alternative to "troubled" youth through its innovative online education solution.
August 2006
08.18.06 K-12 Online Private School Allows Children to Have a Career and an Education
The Nationally-Accredited Online MorningStar Academy announces programs fulfilling needs of professional children.
September 2005
09.14.05 The MorningStar Academy Launches Free Admissions Support for Novice Online Students
Leading program recognizes new home schoolers' need for support when beginning their home education.