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The MorningStar Academy online home school has been designed to work well with a wide range of computers. We don't want to limit our home school curriculum only to those who can afford to keep up with the latest technology. Although the technology we use is cutting-edge we have designed it to work specifically on older computers so that parents don't have to purchase a brand new computer to access our courses.

The home school program minimum requirements are as follows:

  • A Pentium III processor
  • 256K RAM
  • 6 gig hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • A 56K modem or faster connection
  • Sound Card
  • Internet Explorer 7

Although not required, we highly suggest a high-speed modem if available and a printer.

We do not guarantee Macintosh functionality; however, several of our customers have been able to run our software successfully on MACs. In order to ensure that all of our courses are accessible, the home school student should have access to a Windows-based computer.

Some of our home school families are able to educate more than one child on the same computer. As long as home school students log in and out with their unique usernames and passwords, they are free to use the same computer to complete their courses.