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What is the Best Curriculum?

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Top 10 Reasons Why Christian Education is Critically Important
by Mimi Rothschild
  1. We live within two warring kingdoms: the kingdom of light and righteousness and the kingdom of darkness and evil. Do you think it is God's perfect will for us to have those who are within the kingdom of darkness have the most important job of educating our children?
  2. Children who attend Christian schools have a better chance of coming to a saving knowledge of Christ. Children are sponges who are keenly influenced by their environment and models. What influences do you want molding your child?
  3. Since Jesus Christ is Lord, shouldn't He also be given Lordshp over our education. Who has Lordship over the public school? In many public schools, it is illegal to even call upon the name of the Lord.Only an education which acknowledges the sovereignty of God over everything can be considered an education about the real world
  4. All truth comes from God's truth, and God's Word sheds light on our path. Without His light shining on the school's and teacher's paths, how can our children come to know Him and understand and ultimately love and live His truths?
  5. The Bible tells us so. Deuteronomy 6 tells parents that, in all they do, every day, everywhere they go, they should provide a godly education for their children.
  6. It is within the home, the church and the school where kids spend most of their time that cumulatively shapes them. Doesn't it make sense for all three of these foundational institutions to work harmoniously and infuse our children with the same truths?
  7. Doesn't an education that has the freedom and ability and tools to address the whole child -- social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual have a far better chance of Biblical success than an education totally devoid of God?
  8. Statistics prove that youth who are involved in faith based organizations are less likely to engage in life threatening behaviors such as substance abuse and premarital sex. (Hodge et al., 2001)
  9. The best preparation for effective service is to be well grounded in one's mind before direct engagement of the culture. Chidlren are like delicate plants that need nurturing and protection as they grow.
  10. Children will learn a high standard of conduct and character training. The student's reasoning should can be trained to be subject to God's authority. The Holy Spirit can be acknowledged and sought as the true inspirer of faith and understanding.
(adapted from the Discover Christian Schools website)