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The Morningstar Academy Home School Program offers Teaching Ministry Teams that consist of Academic Counselors and Curriculum Developers. Our ministry staff understands the needs of members of our Christian home school program.

The MorningStar Academic Counselors can be contacted during school hours and they are happy to provide the right answer with their helpful, encouraging attitude. Our Teachers consider themselves ministers of the gospel; they all have a calling to help students come to a deeper understanding of God. The teachers at The MorningStar Academy minister not only the scriptures to their students but all of the Truth and Wisdom from God as it relates to their subjects to each individual they serve.

We provide teacher support in real time. If your home school student has a question regarding a confusing math problem, all the student needs to do is type in the question and send it off to one of the teachers. The teacher will receive the message in seconds and immediately begin preparing a helpful response. Within minutes, the student receives the answer to his or her question. S/he is then able to continue in the completion of that lesson.

Academic Counselors mentor and minister to home school students through with one-to-one suggestions, advice, and communication through SMAIL (School Mail) and our Live Operator System, giving our Christian online home schooling program students instant access to the Academic Counselor of their choice.

The MorningStar Academy is an accredited homeschooling program that is comprised of visionary individuals committed to harnessing technology to create engaging learning experiences for children.

This dedicated group of people called by God who has gifted them with diverse talents fulfill a common vision: limitless learning and discipling.

Through our Christian home school program, children can move through our Bible based curriculum at a pace that allows their minds to embrace the material, with no geographic or economic restrictions.

Our Christian home school ministry at The Morningstar Academy acknowledges and honors the individual differences and gifts of each child. The Morningstar Academy ministers to home school families to ensure that they receive the support they need to assist them in the challenging yet rewarding task of home schooling their children.