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What is the Best Curriculum?

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The Academy adheres to a rigid formula of academic excellence (based upon the national McREL curriculum standards) and believes in strict academic accountability. Our teams of Curriculum Developers and Academic Advisors love teaching and love kids. Their job is to help students get the very most out of their online learning experience and will help in every way possible to make sure that a student fully understands their lessons. Not only do we love teaching on the Internet our staff members know how to communicate with kids so that every student has the chance to do their very best.

The Academy believes in setting the benchmark for an updated and accessible curriculum. For example, with the adoption of the formal definition of planets in 2006, The Academy was able to immediately update our curriculum and clarify Pluto's role in our solar system. Our courses were revised within 24-hours of this solar revelation. This example of seamlessly updating the curriculum, instead of waiting until the end of the year for textbook reprints, enables our academy to provide students with the most updated information possible.

Due to our high expectations and rigid requirements, other K-12 schools, private institutions, high schools, Universities and colleges have universally accepted student-transfers and their core credits from The Academy.

It is universally accepted that the acceptablity or transferrability of credits from one institution to another is strictly the decision of the "receiving" institution. Parents/students who may need to have credits earned at The Academy transferred to or accepted by another institution should always contact the admissions department of that/those institution(s) to verify. This concept is applicable not only to The Academy but to all credit-granting and credit-receiving institutions.

Home School Credit Transfer Requirements

Please click here for the guidelines on how to transfer credits from a home school using a portfolio. Our guidelines are laid out the document. Please contact us after reading the document if you have any additional questions. Please note that we require the Phys. Ed. portion of a transfer home school credit of Health and Phys. Ed. to include a 40-hour letter from a coach or log of Phys. Ed. activities completed. The activities must be completed within the same year of taking Health for your student to receive a transfer credit.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss specific course credits, please contact us.