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Home schooling online by enrolling in The MorningStar Academy means you will have a collaborative learning partnership with dedicated professionals so that our home schooling children, including those with special needs and different styles, are presented with appropriate and stimulating opportunities. Our mission is to empower you to have the most rewarding home schooling online experience available.

When you are enrolled in the MorningStar Academy it means that you can progress at your own pace. We recognize that children mature at different levels and should not be forced to move at the same rate as their peers as they work toward their annual goals. online Home schooling students are never compared to others or forced to compete with others, which often only impedes their enthusiasm for learning. The MorningStar Academy online schooling at home school program helps students to discover unique talents, cultivate aesthetic appreciation, develop imagination, make good use of leisure time, and contribute to the lives of others by providing them with a specialized and individualized education.

The MorningStar Academy is an accredited school and also an online learning community of K-12 students where interaction is not a mere technical relationship but, instead, one that celebrates God's creation.

As the leading Christian online program in the country, The MorningStar Academy provides the best of both worlds. It's almost as if one of our Curriculum Developers or Academic Advisors is right there in your home! Academic Counselors who are specially trained to teach in our online home schooling program are available at the click of a button. Your child's questions are instantly answered by our one-on-one technology.

In order to effectively engage in online home schooling, it is important for parents to have the right tools. As online home schooling becomes more popular, the Christian community realizes the need for high quality K-12 accredited school solution. At MorningStar, our educational philosophy is based on Christian principles in which children are a highly treasured gift from above. As a part of our responsibility to nurture the child, we are called to create an atmosphere in our online home schooling program of exploration, engagement and excitement. Our curriculum developers have created over 150 online home schooling courses that children truly enjoy. Packed with stimulating videos and interactive components, our biblically courses all are based on a Biblical word-view and have distinguished themselves among all K-12 online home schooling and accredited school programs.