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The MorningStar Academy is dedicated to providing a full service, private, accredited Christian home school program at an affordable cost to students across the country. We are committed to developing discerning leaders by integrating a Biblical world and life view throughout our online home school curriculum.

Home School Online Curriculum Objectives

Parental Support

To deliver a multisensorial, challenging and compelling home school program in which students are excited to participate.

To teach home school students through problem-solving, flexible learning experience, project based activities, simulations and the demonstration of skills and knowledge.

To provide the opportunity for home schoolers to make Biblical principles a personal part of their lives.

To provide opportunities for students serve the Lord by serving others.

To meet the social and emotional needs of home schoolers by showing them unconditional love and by providing a caring, affirming environment.

Intellectual Development

To assist home schoolers in gaining an understanding of the democratic way of life, American government, the free enterprise system, and history.

To help home schoolers to develop an understanding of governmental processes as they affect the community, the state, and the nation.

To provide sufficient grounding in the arts to enable each home schooling student to appreciate their cultural and historical heritage and aesthetic sensibilities.

Home School Academic Shepherds

To provide home schooling parents and their children with a Christ-centered school that integrates state of the art, interactive technology and curriculum that meets or exceeds national and state standards.

To support, encourage, and serve parents in their choice and God given right to direct the education and training of their children, to the Glory of God.